Thursday, April 12, 2012

My "Tower"

I am always so curious to see where other people do their crafting so I thought I would show you mine.

We call it the "tower" because it is in our finished attic.  Actually my amazingly awesome dad who has a huge heart finished it for me last summer just so that I would have a craft room.  I love him.

 Here is my work table.  Please notice how clean the top is, I did that just for the photos.  Also the very large coffee mug, always a must.

Here is the futon that my hubby and kids hang out on while I am working.  It also becomes our guest room when someone comes to stay.  Mostly it is my awesome step-mom because she comes to help me out a lot.

Oh, and I made those pillows.  They are one of the first personal sewing projects I ever did.

Oh wow, this looks so messy but it is mostly organized.  Lots of fabric scraps and scrapbooking supplies stuffed among all of that.

Do you see those awesome green frames on the wall?  Those were cheap ugly thrift store frames that I spray painted, actually my hubby did that for me.  One has fabric behind the glass and the other is regular lined notebook paper.  They are my dry erase "to do" boards.

Yes these are hanging file folders but they organize my chalkboard mat fabric so well.  A great solution!

This is a $5 yard sale find.  It is awesome and holds lots of little do dads and ribbon.

Um, yeah, that looks a hot mess too but it is pretty organized.  Shipping materials on the shelves and bins on top for fabric that needs pre-washed, projects that are in process and so on.

So, thanks for joining me in my tower.  Now you know where I am every night from 8pm till midnight sewing away :)


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  1. I LOVE the hanging file folder idea! That woudl organize patterns well, too, I bet.
    The room looks great!

  2. It looks great, Angel!

    I wish I had a space like that to work in. You are so blessed♥


  3. Looks great! :) I hope to have my own little craft room some day. I love seeing where other people work.

  4. The hanging folder idea is awesome and I sure wish I could get one of your $5 finds to store my stuff!
    Looks good!

  5. That is one great crafting space! I especially like the floors and ribbon holder.

  6. Angel, Your room looks so organized. Congratulations on your shop. You are doing so well!

  7. Wow, now I am super jealous. What a lovely space to create.

  8. *Sigh* I have a 4' x 4' corner of the dining room. One day...

  9. Hi, can you please tell me what the "Tower" attic size is? My dad and I want to finish our attic but we think the celling will be a little low.

    Our attic looks like it would end up being 15 long, by 8 feet wide.

    1. Hi! I think it is about 15x30' and the ceiling is pretty low but we are not tall people so it works. Like I can reach up and touch the ceiling and you do have the watch your head on the slanted side walls. It is worth it though!