Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Open House

Our first Christmas Open House last night was a great success.  So many friends came out to support us and we had such a fun time.  I thought I would share some photos with you from the night.  Of course I forgot to get photos of us but that is ok :-)

Here are some of the awesome candles that were available from Good Neighbor Candles

More gorgeous candles from Good Neighbor Candles

Some of our fun coffee sleeves

Pretty purses some from SewEndless  and some from us

Don't our bean bags look so cute tied up in the ribbon?

Here is some of the yummy awesome food!  I will be enjoying the left overs for days!

Two lucky winners walked away with these door prizes.

Everyone that stopped by got to pick a free gift from the basket.

It was such a fun night and I was so blessed by the support we were shown.  Thank you to everyone that came out.  I hope this is the first of many Christmas Open House shows!!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Homemade children's bean bags!!

We are so excited to be introducing our newest product: children's bean bag toys. These are fresh off the machine and have not even been listed in the ETSY SHOP yet.... but they will be!! At this point we are offering three sets of bean bags: Sock Monkey, Dr. Seuss, and the multi-color for $15/set.
These handmade toys would be a great addition under your Christmas tree or in your favorite child's stocking!!
Be watching OUR ETSY SHOP for these super unique, colorful bean bag toys to be added!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Personal Projects

So I took some time this week to work on some personal projects that I had been putting aside to work on orders.  Here is what I have been doing!

It is time to decorate for fall so I make the tutu wreath above and put it on my front door.

Then I made this cute fall fabric banner.  I just loved that leaf print and the wood grain print!

Then, it was time to get started on the girls' Halloween costumes.  Here are their rainbow tutus and I will show you the whole costume once they are all done.

Ok, so break from work is over and back to orders.  It was really fun to take a few days and work on some personal projects though.

What projects do you have in the works?



Monday, September 26, 2011

Easiest Craft Project Ever: Prayer Board

So you say you are not crafty?  Seriously, you can do this.  So easy!

I found this collage photo frame that we had never used.  See the nice family photos that are not my family?

I searched my scrap paper stash and found some fun ones.

Cut them down to fit the frames, mine were 4x6".  Then lay them out to see how you want the paper arranged.

Then add the papers in like you would a photo, hang it up and voila!  Use dry erase markers to write on the glass and then erase.  You could use this as a memo board, meal planning board or to do list.  This will be our family prayer needs. That way as I see them throughout the day I will be reminded to stop and pray.

What is the easiest craft you ever did?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

So, You Think Give-Aways are a Waste of Time?

Many folks think that entering these give-aways that are posted all over the internet are a waste of time.  You think "I will never win so why bother?"

Well, I want to show you the amazing things I have won from internet give-aways in the past 6 months.  These are all etsy sellers and the items were won either by a blog or Facebook giveaway.

First is the amazing Midnight Orange!  I won this adorable sculpture and as soon as I opened the box my daughter was desperate to play with it.  The Midnight Orange has an awesome Facebook page where she truly shares her heart and her creations.  Her fans are like a little family and I just love it!

Secondly,  I won this headband through a facebook give away from Sugar Blossom Boutique.  It is super cute and comfy and looks super cute on!

Next we have an absolutely amazing wooden box that has been decorated beautifully by Eliza Lenore.  I can't imagine how long it would have taken to burn this design into the wood.

Finally we have another absolutely beautiful headband by ChinnyLuLu.  The butterfly is made from beads and sequins and the feather is so fun.

So the next time I link you a give away from an Etsy seller you better click right on it and enter to win because you never know what awesome creations you could come away with!

You can check out BAMcraftymommas on Facebook  or visit our Etsy shop

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Angel and Michelle

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags!!!

Are you getting your kids ready for Halloween?  I have the plans for my girl's costumes and once they are complete I will definitely show them to you!  One thing I am excited about for this years trick or treating is our new candy bags!

These are reversible and reusable trick or treat candy bags!

They are sturdy enough to hold all your candy!  Then bring it home and save it for next year.  If you get chocolate smudges on it just throw it in the wash.  I am just loving these!

Candy bags measure approximately 15"x16" and we are selling them for $15.

You can follow the links above to our Etsy shop to purchase one for your little monster!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Paint Chip Matchbook Tutorial

You all know how much I love my paint chips!  I thought I would share one of my fun and easy projects with you!

First let us remember that I did not steal these paint chips.  I use the discontinued fans that I get from a painting company.  I would urge you to find some way to recycle as well.

Ok, on to the fun stuff!

1. Trim paint chips to 9 1/2".

2.  First fold 1 1/2" up, then fold approximately 3 1/2" down to create the matchbook.

3. Choose the paper you will use in your matchbook. Cut it to 4" x 2". You slide the paper under the fold and secure with a simple staple.
*It would be awesome to use recycled paper in here as well!

This is what you should have now!

4.  Here is where you can have fun it!  Pull out your stamps, stickers rub-ons and whatever else you can think of and decorate the fronts of the matchbooks.

Now throw some in your purse to write down little notes, give them to your friends, put them in your families stockings this Christmas.

Happy Crafting!
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birthday Party Favors!!!

You all know how much we love our chalkboard mats!  Our kids use them at restaurants and at home all the time!  We also love hearing how you all have enjoyed them!

So, did you know that we make them in a party favor size??  Well, yes we do!  What a fun and useful gift for your guests!  We can work with you to coordinate with any party theme!

Here are the specs:
*$4.50 per chalkboard mat
*minimum order of 5
*mats measure 9x7"
*includes loop to hold a piece of chalk

Here is some feedback we received from folks who used them for their child's party.

"Perfect party favors!"

"The kids loved them!!"

"Best party favour idea! Great turnaround time and shipping was super fast! Now I just have to wait for that party"

Check out more about our chalkboard mats HERE

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So, what party theme can we work with you on?

Angel and Michelle

Thursday, September 8, 2011

September Swiffer STARTER Kit Special

We have been trying to think of a way to get these products out to everyone we know to try! We are so confident that everyone who tries these will absolutely love them and will NEVER go back to the old "use it once, throw it away" cleaning supplies!

Our reusable pads for the Swiffer WetJet and Swiffer Sweeper work just as good, if not better than the store bought brands. They not only save on waste, but they will save you money, too! You just use, machine wash, and re-use over and over again!

The reusable pads for the Swiffer WetJet are made of cotton fabric, a cotton interfacing, and terry cloth. They also have TWO velcro strips to attach to most wet cleaning systems. (I have the Libman and it works great!). Normally $6/pad.

The reusable pads for the Swiffer Sweeper are made from Anti-Pill fleece and sewn to add reinforcement, as well as fit snuggly over most dry cleaning systems. Normally $6/pack of TWO.

For the month of SEPTEMBER we are running a super, exciting special! You can get a Starter Kit which will include ONE Re-Usable Wet Pad and TWO Re-Usable Dry Pad for $10!! Most boxes of pads cost more than that at the store and our pads can be used over and over again!

Contact us at bamcraftymommas@yahoo.com to order your starter pack and start saving money and waste!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Inspires Me?

I always love seeing what inspires others so I wanted to share what inspires me.  Sometimes when I sit down to make one of my scrapbooks it just flows easily and other times I need some help.  That is when I turn to my sketchbook.

I started this book a few years ago from an artists sketch book.  I decorated the front and tied ribbons all down the spine.  Then I added section tabs throughout and started filling it.

There are lots of sketches for layouts.  Some by me but many from magazines.  These blank sketches are great for me because I can see past color and theme and make it work for all kinds of lay outs.

Then there are pages and pages of layouts and ideas that I clip from magazines and pamphlets and really everything that inspires me goes in here.

This collection of sketches and photographs have come to my rescue so many times when I am in a rut and need to get those creative juices flowing again.

So what inspires you?




Monday, August 29, 2011

Back at it again.....Paint Chip Notepads

You all know how much I love paint chip crafts!  I just can't help myself!  So, I had some fun yesterday making some new paint chip matchbook style notepads.

I have stacks and stacks of discontinued fans of paint chips that I rescue from the trash and love finding new things to do with them!  I have made book marks, notepads and have some Christmas ornaments that I made as well.

Do you have an idea for a paint chip craft?