Monday, September 26, 2011

Easiest Craft Project Ever: Prayer Board

So you say you are not crafty?  Seriously, you can do this.  So easy!

I found this collage photo frame that we had never used.  See the nice family photos that are not my family?

I searched my scrap paper stash and found some fun ones.

Cut them down to fit the frames, mine were 4x6".  Then lay them out to see how you want the paper arranged.

Then add the papers in like you would a photo, hang it up and voila!  Use dry erase markers to write on the glass and then erase.  You could use this as a memo board, meal planning board or to do list.  This will be our family prayer needs. That way as I see them throughout the day I will be reminded to stop and pray.

What is the easiest craft you ever did?


  1. Awesome!!

    Easiest crochet project are scarfs and wash cloths.
    I love making wreaths - I find them fun and easy cause I love doing it.


  2. I'm not allowed to say "awesome" and Sheila already used "zero cool"!! What am I to say???

    You totally ROCK!
    Love it.
    Might use it at church....the teens would have a blast leaving each other messages.

  3. This is fabtastic!!! I am definitely doing this one!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your idea! Even one picture frame would be great! You could also use fabric instead of scrapbook paper...or, paint a picture on the back of the got my wheels turning! :D