Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Where do you find all your fabrics? Part 2

So I shared the stores that I shop at here in Chambersburg, PA in Part 1 of this series.  Now we dive into all of my online favorites.  This is super fun and dangerous at the same time because there is just so much to choose from it is almost impossible to narrow it down when I am shopping.  So have a look around these shops and if you find a new favorite let me know.

I have to start with HyperNoodle Fabrics.  I first found them selling through Etsy and then they opened up their own website and I surely followed them there.  They have an awesome selection of designer fabrics and great prices.  Fabric always arrives quickly and beautifully packaged as well as cut perfectly straight.  This is always one the first places I go when shopping online.

Burp Cloth Set made with fabric purchased from HyperNoodle

My other absolute favorite online source for fabric is Cotton Blossom Farm.  I think I have purchased the most fabric from her.  Always arrives quickly, packaged perfectly and a straight cut every time.  I just love this shop, she always has such a great selection.

Dino Dudes Chalkboard Mat made with fabric purchased from Cotton Blossom Farm

Another online shop that I have purchased from several times is The Fat Quarter Shop.  I always wait for a free shipping promotion or a coupon code but I have gotten some beautiful fabric from them.  The shipping has always been fast here as well.

The Sesame Street fabric on the bottom party favor chalkboard mats were made using fabric purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop

My final shop that I tend to frequent is Fabric.com.  I watch them for sales or coupons so I can get a good deal.

A lot of Dr Suess fabric has been purchased from Fabric.com

Here is a list of other Etsy fabric shops that I have purchased from one or more times and had a great experience with:

Have fun fabric shopping friends!


Where do you find all your fabrics? Part 1

Where do you find all of your fabrics?  I get that question a lot.  It is a long but fun answer so I thought I would share it with you.  This will actually be a 2 part blog series because I have so many great places to tell you about.

Below I have given you insight, links, and info on where I buy my various fabrics.  I hope you find a new source or two.

First, I probably buy the most fabric from Joann's Fabric and Craft Store simply because it is close and they have great sales and coupons.  This is where I find most of my flannel and a good amount of the fun cotton prints that I use for the chalkboard mats.  I also buy a lot of my notions here.

Birds and Owls Chalkboard Mat fabric from Joann's

The next place that I find a lot of fabric is Hobby Lobby.  Again, they are close and have a great coupon every week.  They carry the same lines of fabric all the time so the selection doesn't change very often.  However, that is great when I am buying a fabric that I know I will need more of because they will always stock it.

Baby Girl Gift Set in my favorite line of fabric from Hobby Lobby.

Now let's get away from the chain stores and talk about some of the awesome locally owned fabric stores that I have found.

The Sewn' Place is here in Chambersburg, PA.  They have a great selection of quilting fabrics and I am often looking for novelty fabrics but I can still always find something wonderful there.  It is a great local source for designer fabrics.  Also, they sell sewing machines and give classes.  This is where I bought my machine last year and I have been so happy with it.  And, they offer scissor sharpening every day for only $2.50 a pair!  That is amazing right there!

Burp Cloth Set with fabric from The Sewn' Place

Just a few weeks ago I stumbled upon another local fabric store called Marian's Fabrics.  Again there are a lot of quilting fabrics here but oh wow there is just a lot of fabric here!  I was completely overwhelmed and excited when I walked in.  This place will definitely be on my go to list from now on.

Trains chalkboard mat made with fabric from Marian's

So here are all the local stores I go to fabric shop.  In the next post I will share all of my online sources and there are several!

So where do you fabric shop?