Saturday, February 11, 2012

Who Is My Target Market?

Pricing is the hardest part of owning a business.  It is the task that I struggle with more than anything else.  I desire desperately to make a great product at an affordable price.  But let's be real, I need to make money too.  I love that I can work from home with my little girls at my side but I do it to help out my family and pay bills.

I have been doing a lot of research lately on pricing models and strategies.  Many of which encourage you to figure out your target market and ideal customer.  Who is buying your product?  What does he/she look like?  How much disposable income does he/she have?

Many of these models are telling me that my ideal customer is not someone like me.  That he/she has more money than me and I should therefore price my items higher and make more expensive things to sell.

My question becomes, why shouldn't I be my target market?  If I am not making products for women like me than who will?

If I am not my target market then who will make unique products that families on a budget can afford?

So I will continue to make unique and fun items that cannot be found in a big box store.  I will keep the prices realistic and as low as possible all the while making a living for my family.  I will give moms like me a place to buy one of a kind and fun items for their families.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Venture! Online Party!!!

In looking for new ways to grow my business and get introduced to new folks I came upon a new fun way for you to help me spread the word.  I will now be having online shows!

What is a online show?  I knew you would ask :-)  It is similar to a home party and here is some info:

Q: What is a online show?
A: This is a home party of sorts and I am looking for volunteers to host shows for me.  Since I can't get to all of you I thought this would be a fun alternative.

Q: Is there an incentive for hosting a show?
A:  Yes!  For hosting a show for me you will receive a small gift then 10% back from the sales from the party as store credit to choose what you want.

Q: What do I have to do?
A:  Well, this is up to you really.  You can either have some friends over for snacks and hang out.  Guests can check out my products on the computer and then you gather the orders for me.  Or, I can send you an email with all the info for ordering and you would forward it out to all of your friends and family.  Then the orders would come directly to me and when the deadline that we decide on comes around, I will figure up the total and you can pick your free items.

Q:  What if my friends have questions about your products?
A:  If you are having an actual party I will make myself available at that time to either chat online or to give you a call and make sure all questions are answered.  If you are sending out emails folks can contact me via email with any questions or special requests.

Q: How will you get the items to me and my friends?
A: I will charge a simple $2 shipping fee per person and ship all of the items together to the hostess.  Then you can distribute the items.  They will be sorted for each buyer so you won't have to do that, simply hand them the package with their name on it.

Q:  How will guests pay for their orders?
A:  I will send paypal invoices to each individual so that they can pay separately and the hostess does not have to handle any money for me.

Q:  Can I still host a regular home show?
A:  Sure!  I am still looking to do more home shows, this is just a fun alternative for those that don't live near me or don't have the time to have an actual party.

I am really excited about this and hope to get a few of these going soon.  I have one active right now with a customer in Canada!

If you are interested in hostessing you can contact me at bamcraftymommas @

Thanks and have a great day!