Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Inspires Me?

I always love seeing what inspires others so I wanted to share what inspires me.  Sometimes when I sit down to make one of my scrapbooks it just flows easily and other times I need some help.  That is when I turn to my sketchbook.

I started this book a few years ago from an artists sketch book.  I decorated the front and tied ribbons all down the spine.  Then I added section tabs throughout and started filling it.

There are lots of sketches for layouts.  Some by me but many from magazines.  These blank sketches are great for me because I can see past color and theme and make it work for all kinds of lay outs.

Then there are pages and pages of layouts and ideas that I clip from magazines and pamphlets and really everything that inspires me goes in here.

This collection of sketches and photographs have come to my rescue so many times when I am in a rut and need to get those creative juices flowing again.

So what inspires you?





  1. What a great idea! I just started taking photos of cards that can inspire me. I should do it more often!

  2. I make dresses and skirts, so I am inspired by wedding dress TV shows, fashion shows, bridal magazines, pattern books, and movies. Sometimes my inspiration even comes from pretty flowers :)

  3. That's a great idea! All of my notes, patterns, measurements, etc are scattered in a mess around my craft area.
    My inspiration are my two kids and the desire to make homemade things for them that are unique, eco-friendly, and will save our family money.

  4. When I need inspiration - a shopping trip for new supplies - will motivate me. It's no fun doing the same thing over and over again with the same supplies. If I have new flowers for a wreath - it's such a motivation to create something new.

  5. This makes so much sense! I know when I do decide to work on my scrapbooks it takes me a while to just get started. Something like this would be a huge help!

  6. Your inspiration book is a great idea! I have a similar book where I draw my ideas for jewellery designs but I'm not consistent with putting down my ideas and inspirations.

    I like to look at pictures from Victorian times or browse through supply shops or thrift stores when I am in need of inspiration. :)

  7. I have an inspiration cork board. I cut pictures of trends and colors from magazines and tack them to my board. It looks more like a collage.

  8. I usually see a vintage piece that needs to be safed from the landfill and is beautiful after I had my hands on it. It's my mind that is my inspiration when I look around.♥
    Thanks for sharing, Angel

  9. Great ideas!! I do a similar thing in my sketchbook, I try to sketch as often as possible :) Niki x

  10. Sketchbooks are great. I really should get me one. I have a tendency to draw on scrap paper or post-it notes and then stick them on my work bench or umm...lose them. Flowers inspire me, other artist's work sometimes will trigger some idea as well.

  11. This is why you and Mechelle will be successful! YOU are inspiring me!


  12. That is a cool idea! Seeing other inspirational items, people, and fashion inspires me!

    Stopping by from the CASTTEAM Midweek Blog Blitz!


  13. That's so cool! I'm jealous! I have an inspiration board that has yet to be used (or hung up) but normally I do have a sketch pad, but it never looks quite as nice as yours lol.

  14. I like making different things all the time, so new supplies or chainmaille weaves inspire me when I've made enough color variations of the last project.