Monday, January 3, 2011

the PERFECT bib... seriously, folks!

we have finally figured out how to create the PERFECT bib!
 i get so frustrated with the puny (barely covers my kids' shirt) bibs that you can find in any chain store. they worked so poorly, that i eventually gave up and would usually just skip the bib at mealtime... ruining some of my favorite kid's outfits in the process. i searched all over for a template, design, etc that was the perfect bid and i think we have found it!!! i tweaked it a little bit to fit our needs, but alas, here it is: the PERFECT bib!!
p.s. they double as a great art smock!

this bib is made out of a standard bath hand towel so it designed to be super absorbent, as well as stand up to wash, after wash, after wash... which we know all about :) the design for this bib is limited only to the cutest, funkiest, shabbiest bath hand towel that you can find!
if you are interested in purchasing the PERFECT bid, let us know and we can talk about some of the designs we will be featuring. here is just an example of a few cute ones i saw:

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