Friday, January 21, 2011

"green" living

i have never been overly conscious of the impact that i have on the environment or amount of waste that i contribute to landfills. but, after being inspired by many "tree hugger" friends, i had some thoughts about new products that may satisfy my need to sew and create, while also being earth-friendly.

so, on the agenda for the coming weeks will be a line of earth friendly kitchen items:
*reusable cloth dinner napkins
*reusable UNpaper towels
*reusable Swiffer mop refills
the goal for these items is to remain as earth friendly as possible, which means creating a product that looks good enough that people will actually want to use it, as well as make it sturdy enough to last for many washes to come!

to read more about living green and the sources of my inspiration, head on over to Have a Happy Green Day

1 comment:

  1. awesome post and can't wait to feature those green items on our blog! thanks again :) annette...have a happy green day!