Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Show Me Your Photos - Chalkboard Mat and Coffee Sleeve Giveaway

My very happy girls in their beautiful rainbow dresses by Banana Orange Apple

I love to see photos of my awesome customers enjoying their new handmade goods that they have purchased from me.  When you take the time to share a photo with me it brightens my day.  I always try to share photos of my girls enjoying their new things, like the above beautiful dresses, because I know how much it means to the person that made the item.

So, to encourage you all to share your photos I decided to do a little giveaway!  To be entered in for 2 chalkboard mats of your choice AND a coffee sleeve of your choice all you have to do is send me a photo of your loved one with one of my products.  It can be a photo of a little one opening their birthday gift of a chalkboard mat, or you enjoying your cup of coffee at the local shop with your coffee sleeve, or your toddler playing with their set of bean bags, or your BFF opening her baby gift set at her baby shower or whatever you can think of!

Just send the photo to me at bamcraftymommas (at) yahoo (dot) com, without the spaces and with the symbols instead of course OR post it to my Facebook Page.  Please let me know your state/country when you submit your photo so we can see where on the globe the photo came from.  You will then be entered into the drawing for the 2 chalkboard mats and 1 coffee sleeve.  You can send your pictures in until Friday July 5th at 8pm EST when I will choose and announce the winner.  Please be sure to only send pictures that you are ok with me sharing on my facebook page as they will all be posted there.

Thank you all for sharing a little bit of your lives with me and happy photo sharing :)


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  1. you totally rocked my world posting those two sweeties in their dresses! Thanks so much Angel.