Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Very Jane Deal - Chevron Coffee Sleeves

I am once again offering a deal through Very Jane on my handmade chevron coffee sleeves.

The deal will run January 14-17 and it is a great deal.  My normal retail price on these is $8 each but through Very Jane I am selling them at 26% off for $5.99.

I LOVE my coffee sleeves and have several around including in my house, my car and my purse.  They are wonderful for hot drinks as they help to keep my coffee/tea/hot chocolate warm while protecting my hand from the heat.  I also love to use my cozies on cold drinks.  I am sensitive to the cold and condensation and the sleeve holds all of that away from my skin.

You can check out the deal HERE.

These are a fun gift to keep around in your stash for teacher or co worker gifts.  When your BFF's birthday pops up throw in a coffee gift card and you are good to go :)

For this deal I am offering 10 shades of chevron and at this point all colors are still available.

Aqua Blue
Navy Blue

Have a happy day!


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