Wednesday, December 1, 2010

coffee sleeves... another new creation!!

how awesome are these?! if you are like me, i end up with a coffee, latte, chai, etc. from the local Starbucks at least a few times per week... each time grabbing the cardboard coffee sleeve. how cool would it be to personalize your cup and reduce your carbon footprint by not having to continuously throw tons of the cardboard sleeves in the trash?!
these coffee sleeves are made with fleece lining on the interior to keep your beverage warm (or cool, depending on your drink choice). the outer fabric gives a fashionable twist on the eco-friendly sleeve.
we are officially taking orders on these sleeves- which will be $4 each... at this price, they make a great small gift/stocking stuffer for the coffee-lover on your Christmas list!

current fabric choices:

Happy Sipping :)

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  1. these are amazing!! i love them!!